Friday, October 3, 2008

My Birthday!

Auntie May put it just perfectly in this e-mail:

Dear Family,

Elsie Allen was born at around 8pm on October 2nd in Encinitas, California. Elsie is sooo cute. She is very calm, tranquil, and sleepy. She has light brown hair, a few eyelashes, and a really cute lower lip that she moves around in the most irresistible way. Her head is perfectly round. She weighs 6 pounds 13 ounces. Claudet's doing really well and she and Tom are natural, relaxed, and happy parents.

Here are some quotable quotes from the day:

"Babies are heavenly." -Andy Allen
"Sometimes she sings." -Angie Allen
"Claudet's a professional human." -Tom Allen

Ramin and Cathy and Camilia arrived today. We are all so happy!!

And finally, some photos (I'll continue to add more to this link):

Aunt May


Ms. Wahid said...

Happy Birthday Elsie!! It looks like you had such a wonderful day with so much love surrounding you!! Tell your mommy she looks great! I hope to come out and meet you someday soon! I haven't seen your mommy and other relatives in a while, I miss their smiles!! Take care and keep posting pictures!!!! You are a beautiful little girl!!

Mozhdeh said...

Congratulations Claudete and Tom! and to all the family yavrom!
youre baby is so beautiful!
lot loves from youre cousins from peru!

david-and-shellie said...

Oh, congratulations Claudet! I saw the link to your blog on Camilia's Facebook page. Your are so beautiful, as always, and your baby is completely the sweetest! And a late congrats on getting married, too, since I haven't seen you in a very long time! :) I wish you and your family the best during this happy (and exhausting! :) time). Talk to you later.

Shellie (Eklund) Hoyt